Healthy Choices, Thriving Pets

Quality Paws Natural Pet was founded on November 1, 2004, after the death of a family dog led us to research pet nutrition. We were horrified by what we found. Since uncovering the dark secrets of the pet food industry, Quality Paws has been on a mission to educate people and to change the diets of pets in Denver.

Every pet owner should be conscious of the choices we make for our pets and our local communities. We believe spending a little bit more on pet food now can lengthen a pet’s life and save money on expensive vet bills in the long run. That is why all of the dog and cat food we carry contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. We only stock foods made from human grade meat sources and all bones are from the United States or South America, with most of them coming locally.

Quality Paws was also at the forefront of environmental responsibility when we stopped using plastic bags well before people realized it was the right thing to do. We also recycle as much as possible and source our products from local suppliers when possible. All of our pet clothing, beds and leashes are made in the United States or Canada.

In addition to stocking everything you could need for your dog and cat, we also feature CBD for pets and their people. We source all of our Full Spectrum CBD from Colorado-based companies that grow their hemp in Colorado.

Quality Paws moved to the heart of Denver’s Broadway Corridor in 2008, where we have been heavily involved in the local community. We have lived in the community for 20 years and have been extremely supportive of local initiatives including the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance (currently known the Feline Fix). That is why you might notice some friendly, yet feral, cats safely roaming around our store. Our store has helped rescue over 300 feral cats and we loan traps and offer education on proper Trap-Neuter-Return protocols. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about feral cat rescue!

In addition to our educational outreach regarding pet nutrition, we also believe that shopping locally is important in keeping money within our communities and supports the small businesses that make our neighborhoods so unique.

Above all, Quality Paws strives to operate with integrity and honesty – even if that means featuring products that are the best for your pets, not our bottom line.